Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm back

I was gone but now I'm back. Hope you all did not miss me too much. I will be posting new content and not just food. Heart related posts as well. Dealing with pre and post transplant and heart health. Hope you all enjoy the new format because I look forward to writing more. So stay tuned.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Leftover Lo mein.

So are you like me and do not care for leftover spaghetti 2 days in a row? Just save your noodles separate from your sauce. Sauce is better used for dipping soft pretzels in for a snack. I use my noodles for homemade Lo Mein.  Tonight I added fresh diced zucchini, onion, cabbage, one garlic clove and a few sauces. Heated in a pan with EVOO.  General Tso sauce to give it a little spice. Don't waste that pasta again. God bless, thanks for reading and use leftovers wisely.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tofu tacos

Ellen wanted tacos the other evening and since she stays as close to vegan as she can I made tofu tacos. Radish, cabbage, salsa verde  and fresh herbs. I pan-fried the tofu after letting it sit in taco seasons.  We also used Sriracha hot sauce.  I added cheese on mine. They were delicious and fresh. So easy to make, healthy to eat and easier on your pocketbook than eating out. Sorry it was such a short blog. God bless, have a great day and try tofu.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sykesville Maryland Carnival

Wednesday night was a really nice night.  We went to the Sykesville Md carnival.  Even with the pending thunder storm we went out. Waiting in line for my cheese steak with fried onions we could see the clouds rolling in. Banner was enjoying some fresh cut fries with old bay and vinegar when the first drops started to fall. Guess this was going to be a bust. Ellen and Banner went to the dining hall where they were selling dinner platters and desserts. I soon followed with cheese steak in hand. We escaped the storm and got into line. Ellen did not expect so many options for dinner. She got the fish sandwich with stewed tomatoes and baked potato, lemon aid and two bags of cookies. I just got a water since I already had my food. We sat and enjoyed our dinner with others that had the same idea. Since the fries were gone Banner helped himself to the steak off my sandwich and then a few cookies. Ellen got a slice of coconut meringue pie. Since I can't stand the taste of coconut I went up and got a slice of the dark chocolate meringue pie. Very tasty. We finished and headed out to see what the skies looked like. Sunny with a few clouds and a nice breeze. It turned out perfect. We walked around and did some people watching while Banner was amazed by all the rides. Still too young for them he just watched. Next year he will be able to get on a few. So all in all it was a really nice night. One of the better carnivals we have been to. God bless, thanks for reading and stay hungry out there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sorry this is a week late but I kept forgetting to write it.  Taneytown carnival was last week and this year we took a guest, our friends daughter who Banner just adores.  We had pizza and fries. The pizza was not too bad, but the fries were not much to talk about. The best part we all agreed on was the shaved ice. $3 one size and a great number to pick from. I got tigers blood, Ellen got coconut and Mack got rainbow. According to her it was the best shaved ice she has ever had. I had to agree. The one size was a large and a good amount of flavor put in. Not just a huge cup of ice. I always say if I made shaved ice I would freeze the ice with the flavor already in so you get the taste the entire time.  Well thanks for reading and stay tuned for this weeks review.  Sykesville Maryland.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dinner of tasty twists.

Friday night Ellen and I wanted to try a new place. The Maryland Mallet Restaurant and Crabhouse on Rt 97 in Maryland was our choice. It just opened less than a week ago. Walking in we were greeted by the hostess and was told a 25 minute wait. We waited less than 10. Banner loved the huge fish tank they had under the front desk. We were seated and served or drinks along with crackers and cheese. It would have been a great addition but they were saltteens in the little sealed plastic bags. We put our order for starters of grilled Brullel sprouts and buffalo chicken wings. Both state were delicious.  Banner ate every one of the 8 wings and Ellen did the same with the sprouts. We put our order in for our main dishes. Ellen ordered the house salad with salmon and I ordered the BMore quesadilla.  It was recommended by our waitress and our greater. They both said it was amazing. We waited for at least 40 minutes. I was not impressed on mine at all. It was warm not hot. No side of any toe of salsa. It was a quesadilla that had cheese, shrimp , crab, onions and old bay seasoning. It was bland. On a cold plate that only made my food get cold faster and the cheese to get hard. When asked by the waitress how our meal was I usually say it was good but this time I told the whole truth. She was very sorry and hoped we would return again. Upon leaving Ellen overheard another customer leaving and saying to those waiting to " Leave. Leave now" "Are you serious" "Yes. It is not thorth it" and a server or helpstaff say to another employee that theybare giving their notice already. We may try it one more time. Maybe they were not prepared for a Friday night rush. If I do go back I hope they have read my review and listened to the waitress that I told about our meal. Dave if you are reading this hope yours was better. God bless, thanks for reading and have a great meal.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Windsor Carnival 2017

Well it's that time of year. Carnival season. Last year we got to 10 and it was Banner-Wolfs first year. This year he is able to enjoy sights, sounds and best of all the food. New Windsor was our second for the season but the first I did not count. We did not eat anything at the first one. Wednesday evening we got to New Windsor around 630 and was able to avoid the parade and the crowds of people. Ellen got the crabcake platter. It had two sides. Vinegar based Cole slow and a potato salad. It also came with a large cup of soup. She picked Maryland crab. I had all the same sides but had a double cheese burger as my sandwich. The best food we have found was the French fries. $5 for a large is a great price. Fresh cut and steaming hot. They are by far the best for taste and quantity than any other carnival. We do not rides but they had the typical rides that every carnival has. I won't be reviewing rides unless future carnivals have one that no other has. Well stay tuned throughout the summer for my other reviews. We will be hitting one and in some cases 2 every week. God bless, thanks for reading and hope to see you at the Scrambler.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Fat Monday?

Every year from K-12 we had a faucanut for lunch.  What is that you say? Well it is a doughnut to everyone else but so much better.  They are made a little different from doughnuts and are only out one day a year, Fat Tuesday.  Every year since then I tried to get at least one on Fat Tuesday and every year I thought I was eating the best one I have ever had until this year.  Tonight I went to St. James Lutheran Church to pick up my order of 3 dozen.  Banner and I walked in and we could smell them cooking.  The air was thick with the smell of fresh dough and sugar.  I gave them my name and order number and was asked to wait because they were a little behind.  I did not mind at all because this meant that mine were being cooked and were going to be real fresh.  Our order was called and we walked them to the car.  Amazing enough they all made it home.  Yes I was tempted but waited till I could pour myself a nice cold glass of milk and enjoy the warm faucanut.  Banner started pointing to the boxes as soon as I put them on the counter.  I opened the box and there were 12 full size and one half size, perfect for him.  He did not wast any time.  His first official faucanut was devoured in less than 4 minutes.  He knows good food.  Not only did I get the freshest faucanuts I also got to see fir the first time in 26 years a past classmate and a one of my friends kids that was helping pack them up.  I want to thank everyone that did all the hard work in bring us the best faucanuts we have ever had.  God bless, thanks for reading and see you at the table.  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sugar snack attack

Sorta retro snack time
Marshmallow Peeps are around at Easter but found these gems at a store that sells overstock food and merchandise. Watermelon and blue raspberry flavored. They are not that bad. As a matter of fact they are pretty good. If you love peeps and jolly ranchers than try these. The flavor is very strong and there is none of the annoying hard candy teeth breaking involved. I opened both boxes because I like them stale. Also froze them. Second is a soda. I don't drink a lot of soda but when I heard it was back I had to get one. Thanks to L.A. Beast ( Kevin if you are reading this I would love a shirt) an YouTube celebrity and his push for Pepsi to bring back Crystal Pepsi it is not available to everyone for a limited time. Not the perfect taste of Pepsi but still good. And if you need a sugar kick st 69grams you will not be disappointed. Get it while it lasts. Found mine at Sheetz and also at Royal Farms. Sorry for the short blog but not much else to say on these two items. God bless, thanks for reading and see you at the snack counters.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Something for everyone

Last night Ellen made dinner and it was spot on.  We had roasted veggies that consisted of potatoes, onions, peppers, squash, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli.  She baked them in the oven with some garlic powder and other seasonings.  They came out very tender and delicious.  Second she made falafel.  Yes it was from a box but still very good.  She made a dipping sauce for it from scratch with cucumbers from our garden and yogurt.  I did not care for the sauce but she and Banner-Wolf loved it.  We had three different tomatoes from our garden.  They all have a different taste.  I prefer the regular red tomato over the others but believe me they all taste and look amazing.  Nothing like fresh veggies from the garden that you know were not treated with a bunch of chemicals.   Last but not least she made some cornbread.  Not the normal cornbread but peach cornbread with stroodle topping.  It was the best I have ever had.  It was very moist and held together pretty good.  It was more of a dessert than part of a meal but who cares.  I will be eating a piece tomorrow for breakfast with some hot tea.  The crunchy top matched great with the sweet peaches and the corn bread texture.  That was a winning dish in my book.  The peaches were fresh as well.  We just got them from the peach festival we went to that afternoon. 

We had dinner the night before at my parents and they made deer steak subs with tomato from their garden.  The deer was last years kill.  My mother cooks the meat that is sliced thin and melds with the onion in the pan.  There is not a hint of gamey (is that even a word) taste to it.  Everyone that has tried it not knowing it was deer never had a clue till they were told and by that time they were hooked.  I topped mine with salad dressing, lettuce and tomato.  This is what we all look forward to in the summer.  We do eat the same subs all year long but the fresh tomato makes it great.  You can top your anyway you want but in my opinion the more you put on it the more you mask the flavor of the meat.  Add a side of potato chips and that is a meal.  I suggest if you ever get a chance to have this sub at my parents do not pass on it because you don’t like deer meat.  You will be sorry. But hey, more for us if you don’t want one.  I will not complain about eating your share.  That’s it for now.  God bless, thanks for reading and see you at the table.